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101 Ways to Flush a Toilet

101 Ways to Flush the ToiletLIFE IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES? EVERYTHING IS COMING UP ROSES? The truth is, life is sometimes like a toilet, especially if you have chosen a career in missions or foreign evangelism. The amazing toilet! How in the world can we learn life lessons from a toilet? But when you think about it, a toilet is an everyday part of our lives. It is one of the most unpredictable of all household fixtures. The daily circumstances of life can also be very unpredictable. Just like the toilet, you never really know what to expect. For instance, consider the multiple flush syndrome. The first flush unexpectedly brings the water to the rim. You panic; you pray; and sometimes in embarrassment, you silently wait. Then, finally, its time for the second flush. Back to the rim we go! Now, armed with drain cleaner and an unfamiliar plunger, with fear and trembling, you attempt one more flush. And with a scary, sometimes splashing gulp, the water subsides. Once again, all is well…until next time. As you pursue your dreams in foreign missions, life’s situations can be very scary…just like that rising water! You may feel as if you need the drain cleaner and a plunger, but with a little persistence, determination and patience, you will survive. Join Norma Dunn in 101 Ways to Flush a Toilet as she helps you navigate through the ups and downs of foreign evangelism.


About the Author

norma DunnNorma Dunn has had a significant impact upon the lives of many people through her teaching and leadership skills. Whether teaching high school students or training teams for missions, she has a gift for drawing out the talents in people and setting them in motion as Christ’s ambassadors. Her passion is to help others understand that along with the privileges that we have, as children of the King, come the responsibility and joy of leading others into that same saving grace through Jesus Christ.

Norma founded In Motion Ministries in 1986 in order to train and send Christian teams to impact the world with the love of Jesus. Soon after this she resigned her high school teaching position to work full time with In Motion Ministries. She has helped place teams in 28 countries and full-time missionaries in  Costa Rica. Norma has been invited to be a guest speaker in many of these countries and throughout the United States. She has been awarded a Bachelor or Arts degree, a Masters of Music Education degree, a diploma from the Rhema Correspondence Bible School, and is an ordained minister of the gospel. Norma resides with her husband, Richard, in Greeley, Colorado, where she serves as the President of the In Motion Ministries Corporation Board and is the Assistant Executive Director of In Motion Ministries. Their four grown children and their families all live in northern Colorado.

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