Novelist Sigrid Fowler sings with True Potential

Novelist Sigrid Fowler sings with True Potential

A local newspaper featured new novelist Sigrid Fowler after she signed a publishing agreement with True Potential in May. Her first of two novels in a series, Don’t Tell the Rabbi, Book 1: Three Men and an Old Lady is due to launch later this summer.

Fowler, a newspaper columnist with the Edgefield Advertiser (South Carolina) has published for professional journals since the 1970’s. A former college professor, she holds an undergraduate degree from Agnes Scott College, and graduate degrees Emory and Erskine Theological Seminary. Most recently Sigrid attended Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel.

When I first read Sigrid’s manuscripts, I imagined a screenplay or stage play as much as a great two-novel series. The characters are delightful (some of them a bit outrageous) and colorful. The dialogue (think stage play) brings the reader into the room with her characters. Most importantly, Don’t Tell the Rabbi shares a life-changing message with readers. I don’t want to spoil the surprise by telling you more.

The Sigrid Fowler – True Potential Connection

True Potential is located in South Carolina, but we’re not a “local” publisher. In fact, before Sigrid Fowler we had just one other South Carolina author.

When I first met with Sigrid I asked the question every publisher asks (or wants to). “Why did you choose True Potential as your publisher.” Her answer fascinated me and proved that what we do every day can have a profound effect on how we might be discovered by others, whether they’re “local” or far away.

Sigrid is a fan of movies based on the novels of Robert WhitlowThe List” is one of those movies. The movie credits led Sigrid to International Bible teacher Derek Prince (whose teaching influenced Whitlow’s story). Research on Derek Prince led Sigrid to another international Bible teacher, David Pawson. Prince and Pawson, both British, both traveled extensively to most corners of the globe, and both chose Jerusalem, Israel as their “spiritual” earthly home. They are often connected in reputation, teaching style and subject matter. True Potential is David Pawson’s North American publisher. Sigrid followed the trail and it led her to us. Sometimes you’ve got to travel a long way from home to find a “local” publisher. I’m glad she did.

Stay tuned this summer for sneak peeks from Sigrid Fowler’s Don’t Tell the Rabbi, Book 1: Three Men and an Old Lady