Pam Lash

The-Voice-340x340The Voice & Two Hours on Tuesday

Prayer walking is a powerful ministry that can be done by anyone from any walk of life or any age. The ladies in this adventure are an inspiring example of what can happen and be accomplished when the motive is right, the actions are biblical and the effort is made to go out in your neighborhoods, town and taverns.

With Jesus and the disciples as their example, these ladies went out on foot with the grace and dignity of a disciple of Christ. Doors opened and much favor was granted by both God and the community. As commitment to the “Voice” began to become a devotion and a real pleasure; more detailed instructions were given as to where to go prayer walk and at what time. Some of the results are shared in this book. You will enjoy the journey that has the potential and power to change our society.



Pam-LashRev. Pamela Lash resides in Indiana where she has three children; a daughter, Susan, and two sons, Robert and Patrick; three grandsons, Aaron, Cody and Nathan; and great grandson, Hudson.

Pam has a doctorate in ministry with Clarion School of Ministry and has been a certified addiction counselor. At the time of the prayer walking adventure, she was retired. Pam serves in an Assembly of God Church and has ministered as worship leader, associate pastor, youth leader.

Presently, Pam is devoted to intercessory prayer, prayer walking and serving as an associate pastor and worship leader in her home church.



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