Author Stacy Cope

Author Stacy Cope

Stacy Cope is the pastor of Tower of Refuge Church in Dublin Virginia and the owner of Southwest Calibration in Pulaski Virginia.

From a miraculous hand on his shoulder the night he was called into ministry, to a Budweiser Distributor’s post-mortem donation toward “the Garden of Eden,” to a high-speed chase during a failed human trafficking rescue, Stacy’s life has been marked by God’s hand. His new book Untold Testimonies Told shares these stories with the world.

Stacy had already been in contact with a popular self-publishing company when mutual friends of Stacy’s and True Potential author Chris Maxwell asked Stacy to contact True Potential before committing his manuscript and his money to a self-publisher. The quality of his publishing experience and having a partner in the success of his book after it is published made signing with True Potential the right choice.

Untold Testimonies Told is scheduled to be released in June 2018. Stacy, his wife, Sunshine, and their sons live in Pulaski, Virginia. Follow Stacy on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/stacy.cope.79

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