I’m excited about going to print this week with an inspiring new book by an author with a gift for story telling. The publishing process has been an exciting, rewarding journey for our new author and for us as a publisher. Not only has the author participated in and witnessed the process that turns a manuscript into a finished book, he has seen a long held dream come into reality.
Restoring-Your-Vision-CoversJ. Douglas Nolan, Author of Restoring Your Vision: Lessons Learned from the Biblical Story of Blind Bartimaeus is a writer, speaker and president of The Nolan Group, a financial planning company. The publication of this book marks a turning point in Doug’s speaking and ministry career as well as his image and impact as a financial professional.
The biblical story of Blind Bartimaeus is more than just a record of one of Jesus’ miracles; it’s an analogy of God’s nature, His compassion for man and for life itself. The author likens the unfolding of Bartimaeus’ story to a great musical score, where each melody builds and blends into the next. In the end, a grand chorus climaxes to a tremendous crescendo.
At 320 pages, Restoring Your Vision is a significant reference. For easy topical access, True Potential’s design team created an in-depth table of contents and quick reference icons to guide readers (click here for an interior sample of Restoring Your Vision). The inside of any well designed book should be as inviting and easy to navigate as a great cover, after all, our readers will spend a lot more time inside the book – we want them to enjoy the experience.

J Douglas Nolan

On the Acknowledgements page, J. Douglas Nolan writes: “I’m grateful to Steve Spillman at True Potential Publishing. Thanks for believing in my message—giving it clarity and great ‘curb appeal’—and nurturing me along. I look forward to a future filled with words. This is just the beginning.” That’s our privilege and our goal; build great books, nurture our authors, and help them share their message with the world.

You can learn more about Restoring Your Vision: Lessons Learned from the Biblical Story of Blind Bartimaeus and J. Douglas Nolan at: http://jdouglasnolan.com/

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