from: Website Magazine

UK Web hosting provider Streamline.net‘s latest “Small Business Bytes Survey” has revealed some discouraging information.

“Despite two thirds of those surveyed having had a business website for 2 years or more, only 1 in 10 firms made updates on a daily basis.

That is a pretty sad statistics for the small business Web workers and signifies that many companies continue to struggle in maintaining their web presence. Some other alarming results from the survey:

– 1 in 4 companies admit to updating their websites on a monthly basis,

– over half (54 per cent) admitted to making technical tweaks only ‘infrequently,’

– one third of companies surveyed use only a single domain name, and three quarters own less than 6 domains

– nearly half of firms (48 per cent) are not currently advertising on search engines

– 1 in 3 (34 per cent) are unable to quantify the popularity of their website as they do not look at their visitor numbers”

Are you a small business website owner, manager or marketer? How often do you update your website with new content? When is the last time you made a technical tweak and how often do you do so? How many domains do you own? Are you advertising on search engines? Are you able to quantify the popularity of your website?

If you’re frustrated by your site. If you can’t keep up with updates. If you’ve got no clue how to integrate your website with social networks and you’re wondering why customers aren’t finding you on the web, contact us. We can help.