Ten tips for a successful self-published book

Ten Biggest Mistakes Self-Published Authors Make

Bonus Mistake #11: It’s ‘Foreword’ not ‘Forward’

You’ve read through this e-book. Congratulations! As a prize, here’s a bonus tip for you: This mistake I didn’t list in Ten Biggest Mistakes Self-Published Authors Make, but it’s a biggie. It’s one of those ‘just shoot me now’ mistakes and it happens more than you might think. It’s a mistake so heinous that if you make it, you may want to consider just giving up altogether and learning a trade – like welding.

Never, never, never, never, never do this!!

That little section in the front of your book where you or someone more famous than you gives a short introduction to the book is called a Foreword (a ‘word’ be-‘fore’ the book’s main content)

– not a Forward!!

About me:

I’m a self-published author. My first self-published book, Breaking the Treasure Code: The Hunt for Israel’s Oil sold about 20,000 copies … okay, I guess. Since then, between the self-publishing companies I started and bought, we’ve sold close to one million books.

Let me tell you, in the beginning, I didn’t know much about writing a book, and knew nothing about publishing, printing, marketing and selling books! If I had known anything, I might have walked away, overwhelmed with the whole process. Successfully self-publishing can, at times, seem hopeless. But I stuck to it, learned a lot about publishing, even more about marketing and selling, and, through lots of practice, sharpened my writing skills.

Even so, there are countless, land mines, booby-traps, dead-ends and just plain mistakes a self-published author can make. This is the first of ten weekly blog posts. They come from my e-book:  The Ten Biggest Mistakes Self-Published Authors Make. This little book captures ten of the most common, most detrimental mistakes you can make as a self-published author and, hopefully, how to avoid them. I wanted to put these mistakes out on a blog format so you can comment, ask questions and we can discuss ways to make your book as successful as it can possibly be. Please, feel free to comment and ask questions.