Sell more books

How do I sell more books?

So you’ve published your book, got it on Amazon, even tried a few book signings, but your book just isn’t selling. Or it’s not selling to the degree you believe it can. What’s the problem and how to fix it; that’s the question.

Here are three possible reasons your book isn’t selling:

1. You think readers will “discover” your book on Amazon.

There’s a 99.999% chance that nobody will find your book on Amazon unless they’re looking for it. That’s sad. But think about it. Your book is competing with millions of other books (there are more than 49 million book listings on Amazon, not including e-books), and all those books are competing with millions of other things (movies, tv, video games, radio, YouTube, etc.) vying for your reader’s attention.

People will buy your book on Amazon if they already know about it and go to Amazon to find so they can buy it. That means someone (maybe you) has told them about your book and they have an interest. Amazon is a default place to buy books and almost everything else, but people know what they’re looking for, and then go to Amazon to buy it.

2. No one knows what’s inside.

Sometimes authors focus so much on selling their books, they forget to share the story inside. When you’ve invested so much time, effort and money into making your book a reality, it’s tough to remember that you’re not selling your book, you’re selling what’s inside. Readers don’t buy books, they buy what books offer. They want stories that will touch their spirits, expand their world, improve their lives or increase their happiness. Share your story, share it freely, share it often. And don’t worry about giving your story away “for free.” Books are an odd commodity; you don’t lose customers by sharing your story, you find them.

3. People don’t have the opportunity to purchase it.

When someone is ready, do they have an easy, obvious way to purchase your book? Do you keep a box of books in your car, just in case you have the opportunity to share your story with someone during your daily routine? Do you bring books with you whenever and wherever you’re asked to speak or share your story with others? When you share your story online via Social Media, your blog, or website, is there an easy, obvious path to “learn more” that eventually gives your potential reader the opportunity to buy your book?

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