Sherrie knows how to sell books

Sherrie SmithSherrie Rice Smith is a retired nurse (RN). She has more than four decades in nursing, which includes work in medical-surgical, home health, and hospice care.

Sherrie is also an authority in the field of “Emotional Freedom Techniques.” EFT for short, “tapping” if you want to use insider slang. According to Gary Craig, EFT’s founder, “ETF is a universal healing tool that can provide impressive results for physical, emotional, and performance issues.”

Sherrie is a certified EFT practitioner and the author of the three-book EFT For Christians series.

In some circles, EFT has received a bad rap as New Age “woo-woo” or alternate medicine quackery. Sherrie has done a lot to change that.

As a Christian, retired medical professional and an EFT practitioner, Sherrie helps her clients and readers understand that the science and effectiveness of EFT is far from “quackery” and the truths behind EFT can be supported biblically.

Sherrie’s books

As the publisher of her last two books, EFT for Christians Advanced: Change Your Feelings, Change Your Life and EFT for Christians, Tapping into God’s Peace and Joy I’ve learned a lot about EFT. (To be honest, I had never heard about it before meeting Sherrie).

How she sells them

Sherrie doesn’t head a big ministry, book large speaking venues around the country, or have thousands of Internet followers. She’s not on the radio or TV, and she’s never been on the talk show circuit. Having all of that would be great, but Sherrie doesn’t.

But she still sells books …

Sherrie’s books sell, and they receive 5-star reviews on Amazon and other platforms.

That doesn’t mean Sherrie has a sophisticated, high-tech “bookselling strategy.” Her website isn’t glitzy, her YouTube videos aren’t professionally produced, and she doesn’t advertise on Facebook.

But she still sells books …

Her secret?

  1. She has a message that adds value to the lives of her readers.
  2. She shares her message and provides value consistently on whatever platforms are available to her – live, website, blog, YouTube and Facebook. She doesn’t have thousands of followers on each platform but she does have hundreds. Collectively, they make a pretty good audience for an author.
  3. She actively engages with her core audience on those platforms and they become evangelists, sharing her message with others.
  4. She uses her books as tools to expand her reach and depth. Her books take her message further than she can reach live or on her other platforms, and they allow her to teach at a greater depth than her 90-minute sessions or her Social Media platforms can provide. When one book is finished she ponders the next. Like a true teacher she is always thinking, “what can I offer next that will help my readers further along their journey?”

These are four simple, proven steps any author can use to build an audience and sell more books:

  • Provide value.
  • Be consistent.
  • Engage your audience.
  • Use your books as tools to expand the reach and depth of your message.