Do you often find yourself searching through multiple Google pages trying to find your local website? Most business websites are not optimized for the city that they are located in. Often times the only time that the city is mentioned in the entire website is on the contact us section with the address.

Ever wonder how a mediocre restaurant that just opened a year ago is closer to the top of Google than that restaurant, which serves the best food in town and has been there for 10 years? As much as we may want it to, Google does not necessarily put businesses in the order of the best to the worst. The problem with Google is that you cannot do a search for a restaurant and find out if it’s really any good. One major flaw in search engines is that you don’t get top results just because your business is good; you get them because you know how to play the game. Businesses who know how to work Google, and other search engines, and take advantage of that knowledge are going to be the ones that thrive on the Internet.

If you feel like your website falls into the category of not being found locally then contact us through the website today.