Take Control of Your Life 3D 340x340End Codependency

“To be dependent on someone else means I am not depending on me. If I am not depending on me, I have no true control. After all, the only thing I can actually control is me! Therefore, depending on you means I am out of control! There are few things that make an individual feel as helpless, defenseless, afraid, frustrated, stressed and angry as feeling out of control!

Through centuries of systematic programming, the masses of the world have been made to feel powerless. By creating dependence on outside sources we have succumbed to the illusion of no control! Corrupt governments leave the individual feeling his or her voice and vote cannot really change anything. In the recent banking scandal that ripped over a trillion dollars from the individual taxpayer, the logic was “they are too big to allow them to fail,” thus creating the illusion that we had no choice; that somehow the needs of the corporations were greater than the needs of the individuals. Good parents lose custody of their children by the decision of judges—taking away any sense of rights or control by those parents. This ideology of disempowerment even permeated religion—making the individual believer feel he or she has no voice with God!”

So begins Dr. Jim Richards’ must read book, Take Control of Your Life.

“This book is about regaining the control of your life by identifying and overcoming all tendencies toward codependency. As you shed the layers of emotional addiction you will find a freedom you have never before known. You will become the light in a dark world.”

“People change one at a time. The world changes when people change. When people change, they discover a new realm called the Kingdom of God, a place where righteousness, peace and joy reign. This realm is in your heart. As you free yourself from looking out there, you can look ‘in there’ and discover the world you’ve always desired.”Dr. James B. Richards

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