The Two Doors 3D Hardcover 340x340The Two Doors, by Shelly Forgey, is a children’s book in the same way that The Little Prince is a children’s book. It touches the child that lives in each of us. In a world where bad things happen, this book brings healing and forgiveness to children, and to adults, and allows us to ‘send away’ burdens that should never have been ours to carry.
Seven-year-old Gracie, our story’s heroine, carries such a burden – the ‘bad thing’ that happened to her in the past – in the form of an old pink blanket. One night in a dream, or maybe it isn’t a dream, she meets Mara, a sad old woman in an overgrown wood who carries a heavy burden the same color as Gracie’s blanket. The next night she meets Carissa, a lovely lady with a tiny pink coin purse and a bunch of freshly picked daisies. Carrisa brings Gracie to a small wooden boat that carries burdens away and shows her the power and true meaning of forgiveness.
This lesson on the biblical meaning of forgiveness is told in a children’s story, so simply and powerfully, that a child, and ever her parents, can understand that we are able to ‘send away’ the burden of past traumas by our choice to truly forgive offense.
The Two Doors is beautifully and simply illustrated, in color, by author Shelly Forgey’s daughter, Stephanie. The book is hardbound in a 5” x 7” format that makes a lovely gift presentation or family keepsake.