You may have heard your friends talking about Twitter and always wondered what it was all about. Twitter is a popular microblogging website that allows users to sign up for an account to answer one simple question: What are you doing right now? These simple updates are broadcast out to a group of people who are interested in following you. You can even send these updates from your cell phone; the iPhone in particular has multiple applications that make tweeting from your phone incredibly easy. You can also tweet through your favorite instant messaging services, widgets, iTunes, desktop applications and right on the web through Twitter’s sleek, user interface.

Twitter is becoming an increasingly popular tool that people are using to affect their particular target markets. Many celebrities have been known to communicate with their followers not to mention occasionally holding contests with their followers. Some of Twitters popular users include Shaquille O’Neil, MC Hammer and Barak Obama. For example Shaquille O’Neil told his Twitter followers that if anyone came up to him in the mall that he was currently at and touched him he would give them two free tickets to the next game. Several people received this message and actually ended up getting free tickets from him. Twitter has had an overwhelming response by business owners. A Houston coffee shop built their business on Twitter alone. Many political figures have communicated to tens of thousands of their constituents through Twitter. Best Buy produces over a million dollars in extra sales a year due to Twitter. Real estate agents all across the US are broadcasting out their listings to their followers computers and hand held devices. Businesses are discovering that thousands of people are buzzing and ultimately being influenced by Twitter.

Do you want to know how to grow your own business on the World Wide Web? You can sign up for a Twitter account and we can assist you on learning exactly how to find your followers and what to tweet to make the largest impact for your particular niche market. We would love to talk to you about an internet marketing plan that involves Twitter and are available to help you throughout the process. If you are interested in growing your business through Twitter or any of the other social medias please contact us for a consultation.