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Question 2: What are my goals for this book?

What first went through your mind when you began writing? Do you have a special story to tell or a message to share? Take some time now to think about and write down your book goals.

Public Speaking or Ministry

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What are your goals for your book?

Did you know that a published book can help launch or expand your public speaking or ministry career? Many ministers and public speakers find that their speaking invitations grow significantly once they’ve become a published author, and revenue from book sales at speaking engagements often exceeds their honorariums.

  • Do you want to be on the New York Times best-seller list or just make more children smile?
  • Do you eventually want to make a living from your writing or are you happy just to share your story with the world?

The reasons for writing and the goals each author has for his or her book can vary greatly. What is your goal for this book? It’s okay, even preferable, to have more than one goal for your book.

Our goal, as your publisher, is to help you reach your goal.

1. Take a few minutes right now to think about what you want to accomplish through your book.

2. Write down your goal(s) for the book.

3. Keep your goals handy and in sight as you finish your manuscript and begin the publishing process.

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