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Question 6: What is my marketing plan for this book?

Marketing your book isn’t your publisher’s job alone – it’s yours too! How will you market your book and yourself?

The first thing I ask new authors is, “Who is your audience?” They often think I’m asking, “What kind of people do you think will like your book?” What I mean is, “Who exactly is your audience?”

Do you have a list of people who know, like and trust you? Have you told them about your upcoming book and are they ready to buy it when it’s released? That’s an audience!

People aren’t going to purchase your book just because it’s in print. First, they need to know about it, why they should care (what answers does it hold for them), and why they should trust you with the answers.

That’s marketing, and it needs to begin before, not after the book is in print.

Do you have a list of names; people who know about your upcoming book and who may be willing to purchase it when it’s available?

If you don’t, get started now. Don’t be ashamed to add Mom, Aunt Bessie, and Uncle Carl to the list either. Your fan base begins at home.

Best selling author Tim Ferriss has sold millions of books and every book he has written has been on the New York Times best-seller list. Where did he begin his fan base? Right at home, with those who knew him best.

Do you have friends at church, a club or organization to which you belong? Do you have a ministry, club or organization mailing list? Do you have followers on a blog, a website or Social Media accounts? These are places to begin marketing your upcoming book.

Marketing isn’t begging people to buy your books; it’s simply sharing the message of your book and pointing out why it may be an answer to a problem or provide value to the reader.

People need to know about your book and about you before they will purchase your book. If you haven’t already started, begin working on your list today!


Here are some questions to help you create a marketing plan for your book.

(click here to download a printable marketing plan worksheet)

1. Do I have a list of people who know, like and trust me, who may have an interest in my upcoming book?

2. Do I have a list of people who know, like and trust me who may recommend my upcoming book with those who know, like and trust them?

3. Do I have a ministry, belong to a church, club or other organization where I know and engage with the members?

4. Do I currently have a blog, website, Social Media accounts or a mailing list where I can share news about my upcoming books? (list them)

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