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From creating a great book to sharing your story with the world, we’re your professional publishing partner.

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Why Choose True Potential?

From creating a great book to sharing your story with the world, we’re your professional publishing partner.

  • 137 Authors

  • 284 Titles Published

  • Over 1 Million Copies Sold

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Who can you trust as your publishing partner?

As a ministry or business professional, your needs may be very different from most authors. Your book not only carries your message to the world, it represents you and your organization. Don’t risk failure by trusting a publisher who doesn’t understand your needs or who simply doesn’t have the experience and expertise to publish and market books specifically to ministry and commercial audiences.

We understand your concern, because we’ve been partnering with ministry organizations and business to share their messages with the world, literally, since we began.

Our first publishing client was an international oil and gas company. The three books we published and shared with the world told their story and played a major role in raising more than $100 million through public offerings. Today Zion Oil & Gas remains actively involved in Israel’s oil and gas industry.

Our second publishing client was a global Christian ministry headquartered in the United Kingdom. Although they ministered and distributed books around the world, they were unable establish a significant foothold in the U.S. and Canada. We brought their books and the ministry to North America. Although the ministry’s founder recently passed away, the David Pawson Teaching Trust presence remains strong through the many titles we publish and distribute in North America.

Over the past fifteen years we have helped 137 ministry and business authors share their messages with the world through publishing 284 book titles and selling more than a million copies.

Publishing with True Potential is pretty simple. The first thing we do is schedule a conversation so we can understand your message, your audience and the needs of your ministry or business. From there, we handle everything from editing, professional interior, and cover design, to eBooks, printing, warehousing, and global distribution. That includes Amazon, bookstores, and our own online ecommerce websites. From creating a great book to sharing your story with the world, we’re your professional publishing partner. We guide you through each step of the process.

You don’t have to be a TV superstar, mega-church pastor, or multinational company to publish with us. True Potential is geared toward Christian ministry and business professionals. If that’s you, we’re the publisher that can make your book a reality and a success.

Choose something better. Choose True Potential.

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“Working with True Potential Media has been a delight. You meet very few people in your life whom you would give the honored title, “Balcony Person.” But Steve is just that. He will cheer you, encourage you, and root you on to victory!”
Nannette Oatley Johnson

Author, Speaker, Resiliency Coach, 2001 U.S. Open Wheelchair Tennis Singles and Doubles Champion

“True Potential has found healthy ways to merge the art of writing and communicating into today’s culture without softening truth. They use today’s methods to deliver timeless messages.”

Chris Maxwell

Author of ten books, Speaker, Freelance writer, Director of Spiritual Life and Campus Pastor at Emmanuel College

“Steve isn’t just my publisher, he’s my buddy. We share a deep passion to influence the world, True Potential is doing that through publishing.”

Dr. Jim Richards

Author of more than 20 books, and hundreds of audio, video and online teaching resources, Founder Impact Ministries

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