Becoming the Expression of the Father


The Place Where His Desires Become Yours

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For those who desire to know God’s POWER, there is a bit of a price to pay. It has never been popular to deviate from the common path.

For those who desire God’s PRESENCE, there is an even greater cost involved. They will surely be misunderstood and reviled.

But the greatest price is reserved for those who want to know God’s PERSON. Being more closely identified with Him has always had its price tag in this world.

Christian life is not so much about the hows and wherefores of living righteously on earth; it is about first realizing who God is and then proceeding to love Him so much that His desires suddenly become your own. When you become so acquainted with the heart of God by living so close to Him that you actually begin to feel His heartbeat, then it is not difficult to become the expression of His love to others around you. Without that, your attempt to love will be a struggle that you will ultimately lose.

For years, we have labored to find just the right techniques for serving God, but it’s not about techniques. It’s about a person—the person of God. When we desire to create an atmosphere where His expression can be felt and known, then He begins to work on our behalf to reveal His power and presence with us and through us. This is true Christianity being lived out in our daily lives. This is what it means to become the expression of the Father.

Knowing God fully is the believer’s call as well as your command. It is your joy as well as your pain. It is your reward as well as your goal. It is your greatest challenge in life and a factor in the next.

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