Character Blocks: How to build a personal foundation that will support your dream life


Dr. Terry Donelson

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This book is designed to help you see where you are in life, where you have been in the past, and how to find the path that will lead you to the life you dream of living.

Many of the stories told come from my own journey and the path that I had to follow in order to get to my dream life.

There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing people apply truths that I teach in relationship building seminars. These individuals and couples are equipped to avoid the pitfalls of ignorance that I experienced.

The sad thing is that many will never seek a counselor’s office or attend a seminar like mine. For those people, this book points them in the direction of a happy, healthy life.

It has been said that insanity is doing the same thing again and again, expecting a different result.

So many people vow to love one another and really put forth the effort, but due to the lack of knowledge, they fail—just like I did.  Even though they were determined to do the WHAT (love), they didn’t really know the HOW (to love).

The key is to understand WHAT love looks like and HOW to love in the way God loves us—love as a noun (God) and a verb (how He acts toward us).

When we understand and apply this simple truth, ALL of our other relationships will lead to the life we dream of living.

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