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31 Ways to Stay Balanced on Life’s Uneven Surfaces

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a slow and sudden God

40 years of wonder

embracing now

100 poems by popular poet Chris Maxwell, celebrating embracing the moment in pain, joy, healing, and living.

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Amazon Best-Seller: #1 on Kindle in the Christian Professional Growth Category and #2 in the Personal Growth & Christianity category.

Thirty-one is an odd number. 

That is how life is. Odd. Not even or simple or predictable. 

Estimated time of arrival is just that, it is estimated. Expectations are not always met.

I want a balanced and structured plan. I want to stick with the plan and complete it. I want to then move on to the next plan and complete it. Early. Successfully. 

But as I walk toward that goal, the sidewalk ends. As I swim toward the shore, the waves intensify. As I believe this is the day or the week or the month or the year, my schedule doesn’t have the final word. 

The perfectly structured and balanced life I thought I wanted and needed isn’t realistic or effective or healthy. So, instead of waiting for the external world to calm down, I am learning to adjust to life’s lack of steadiness. I keep a list of ways I can find balance in the uneven surfaces of life. I am including many of them in these stories and thoughts. 

They help me adjust to how life is. I hope they help you adjust to how life is. 

Equilibrium is about finding our own balance.

“Chris Maxwell is nothing if not creative, but his is that particularly winsome brand of creativity that causes the reader to see it, whatever it is, from a different angle. We live a dark and confusing world. Maxwell’s prose and his poetry are just the antidote you’ve been looking for—creative, a bit capricious, and wonderfully uplifting.”

—-Mark Rutland, Executive Director, National Institute of Christian Leadership

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