Going Global


Four  Steps Toward Becoming an Intercultural Disciple

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This book is an urgent call to the Christian community to get involved in intercultural discipleship. I consider this the way that Jesus, our Lord and Savior, wants His disciples to share the message of God’s redemptive plan. The disciple is being commissioned to leave his or her comfort zone so he or she can present the message of God’s salvation to the whole world.  The disciple must become an intercultural agent, having the abilities to develop a greater heart for people of other cultural backgrounds. The process of becoming an intercultural disciple requires at least four steps, which I address in the four parts of this book:

Part 1 is about the image of God in humankind. It is a survey of different approaches made by specific theologians throughout the ages.

Part 2 is about the commitment of the disciple to understand the mandate, which is rooted in the Word of God. The disciple shares with others the truth that transforms and uses these truths as the biblical foundations for intercultural ministry. Readers are challenged to let the Bible lead the way and discover how God prepared His people throughout the centuries to proclaim the message of peace and reconciliation.

Part 3 deals with theoretical foundations of all intercultural activities. The disciple learns what is necessary to become an intercultural individual. Concepts such as culture, multiculturalism, interculturalism, cultural sensitivity, and cultural awareness are surveyed to help believers understand what it takes to be a competent witness living in a multicultural environment.

Part 4 is an introduction to the process of bridging worldviews through a systematic approach of teams building. It constitutes the leadership foundations for intercultural discipleship.

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