Jesus Baptizes in One Holy Spirit

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The author provides a clear, detailed exposition on the topic of baptism in the Holy Spirit, asking how, when and why the Holy Spirit is received.

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Author: David Pawson

Pages: 200

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Binding: Perfect Paperback

ISBN: 978-0-982305-93-5

This is a long awaited reprint of a modern classic, first published by Hodder & Stoughton. The author provides a clear, detailed exposition on the topic of baptism in the Holy Spirit, asking how, when and why the Holy Spirit is received.

Pawson describes eight essential elements in Spirit baptism. He maintains that the sacramental, evangelical and Pentecostal streams of Christianity have all failed to do justice to this biblical doctrine.

“I strongly recommend this book for those wanting to stretch their traditional way of thinking about salvation and in particular the baptism of the Holy Spirit ….” P.D. Goulding, Preston, Lancashire, UK

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4 reviews for Jesus Baptizes in One Holy Spirit

  1. Amran Pichaichanarong

    principles have to know was packed in this book

  2. Customer

    Appreciated the honest, non-partisan, non-ideological view of the text and the many pointed admonitions to both sides on the issue of the Baptism of the Spirit. One item I would point out is that 1 Corinthians 12:13 seems to indicate that all believers are indeed (“we were”) “baptized in the Spirit.” With that caveat, the author points out that regeneration is not the same as the Baptism of Holy Spirit and that Scripture indicates that there is variation in regards to when someone was baptized in the Spirit.

    A good book regardless of where you stand and I would recommend it to Reformed brethren and Pentecostal brethren alike-It will help them all become more Biblical in their explanations and expositions.

  3. Km Victorian

    “Jesus Baptizes in One Holy Spirit” is the best book on this topic that I’ve found. David Pawson uses word-by-word scripture analysis to support his claim that “‘believing in Jesus’ and ‘receiving the Spirit'” are two different events, and that “one can happen without the other.”

    In his explanation of Old and New Testament texts, Pawson brings forth concepts that many commentators have missed or ignored. For those readers wanting a scriptural explanation of the baptism in the Holy Spirit, this book may provide the sought-for answer.

  4. Customer

    I’ve read this book after reading Christianity Explained. I wanted more details and I found them in this book. A LOT of details.

    David Pawson makes a comprehensive study of the Old and New Testament on the topic of the Holy Spirit. I think he covered pretty much everything and managed to boil it down to a few main ideas.

    It is worth mentioning that the book covers the history of Christianity from the very beginning to the present day, following these main ideas about the Holy Spirit and how they were observed during the centuries.

    The meat of the book is the chapter dedicated to the theoretical (and theological) aspects of the Holy Spirit, but there is also a chapter about practical matters.

    All in all, it is a very good work of reference. You can probably find anything you need about the Holy Spirit here, or in the quoted works.

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