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Leadership That Builds People, Volume 1, will help take you through a process whereby you rediscover your call to restore the heart of a leader. Hundreds of thousands of leaders around the world have rediscovered the joy of ministry as they have applied the Bible-based, self-evident principles of leadership. This book is a must for every parent, teacher, minister, business, or government leader.

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Leaders shape and forge the direction for a business, church, family and a nation. In the absence of godly leadership, people turn to destructive devices that fail to produce the desired results. We have accepted leadership concepts that frustrate the leader and destroy the follower. Leaders and followers around the world are struggling and giving up.

In the church and the world there is a leadership crisis. From the earliest of times the strategic enemy has always followed the strategy, “Strike the shepherd and the sheep will scatter.” 21st-century leaders no longer trust the Biblical concept of leadership. True leadership has been substituted with control, manipulation and coercion. Those who have been called to lead have followed the trends of the day and abandoned the very truth that Jesus taught and modeled concerning leadership.

Because our current methods have failed to produce disciples, leaders have become more forceful and followers have become more resistant. There is a growing distrust between the leader and the follower. The Biblical agenda for leaders to “equip through making whole” has been lost in  the struggle for power and success. Our paradigm for success has driven us to use people for the fulfillment of our personal ministry goals.

Regardless of how many leadership conferences we attend, or how many books we read it will all be futile until we develop the heart of a leader. The heart of leadership is serving. Servant leadership is the only way to fulfill the Biblical directives for leaders. It is the only way to lead and maintain continual peace.

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