Myths of the Bible ebook (pdf)


Myths of the Bible explores 189 myths; beliefs, assumptions, and mistranslations in most modern English language Bibles.

From William J. Morford, editor and translator of the One New Man Bible.

E-book (pdf format)

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  • David was just a boy, barely a teenager when he slew the giant Goliath, right? That’s what we all learned in Sunday school. Not true!
  • The Bible tells us to give our tithes to the church, right? Nope! Not in the Bible!
  • Do you remember the last lines of the Lord’s Prayer? “For thine is the kingdom, The power, and the glory, For ever and ever. Amen.” (KJV) Jesus never taught those words. The Roman Catholic Church added them in the 5th Century AD!

An amazing new book from Reverend William J. Morford, the editor and translator of the One New Man Bible

Have you ever wondered if the Bible translation you read today carries the same words and meaning of books of the Bible that were written down for the first time, in their original language? Is the translation you’re reading accurate and faithful to the Bible’s original words and intent?

Have passages been added to the Bible you’re reading today? Have certain words or meanings been mistranslated or even changed to suit someone else’s purpose? Just how much does early Church tradition play into the Bible we read today?

As you will discover in Myths of the Bible, modern Christians believe many, many biblical “truths” that were either never in the Bible’s original language or mistranslated from Latin and English manuscripts. Myths of the Bible explores 189 myths; beliefs, assumptions, and mistranslations in most modern English language Bibles.

Several passages in the Bible we read today were added centuries after the original scriptures were first written.

How many scribes and translators over the centuries have chosen words unfaithful to the original meaning and context of the Bible’s original language, either out of ignorance of the Hebraic language, meanings, and idioms, or because suitable Latin, English or other words simply didn’t exist to accurately match the Hebrew or Greek original.

Church tradition plays a big part in many of the myths we carry with us today as Bible “truth.”

The purpose of this book is not to diminish your faith in God’s Word, but to challenge, bless and encourage you in the truth of God’s Word in spite of man’s and religion’s flawed tradition!

In this book, you will see many quotes from the KJV, NIV, and Amplified because they are typical of English translations that contain quite a few passages from tradition. These three are used because they are representative of nearly all English Christian translations.


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