Presenting Jesus, the Son of Israel Volume II


A Jewish Commentary on the Gospels—Volume II

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It is inarguable that few names are as well known in the world as the name of Jesus, but who was he, really?

There are many worthy commentaries of the Gospels in existence, but most of them do not seek to present Jesus as he appeared on Earth—during his early life, in his culture, and among his own Jewish people.

What happened over the ages that caused the world to begin to see Jesus as a son of Greece instead of an observant Jew? What have we lost by seeing his life and work out of context?

Presenting Jesus, the Son of Israel – a Jewish Commentary on the Gospels Volume II reintroduces us to the true Jesus, whose life’s mission was to enlighten those around him and to bring them closer to the almighty Creator of the Universe.

Volume II explores the ministry miracles and teachings of Jesus.

  • Who were Jesus’ Disciples? How did he choose them? What were they expecting him to be?
  • Explore the depth of Jewish tradition and matrimony through the story of Jesus’ miracle at the wedding in Cana.
  • Satan tempted Jesus in the wilderness. How was this temptation similar to the temptation in the Garden of Eden? What is Satan’s actual role on Earth?
  • What was the reason for money changers in the Temple? If theirs was an accepted practice, why did Jesus drive them out? Did the Pharisees and Sadducees agree with the practice of moneychanging and selling animals on Temple grounds, or were they happy to see Jesus purge them?

Presenting Jesus, the Son of Israel – a Jewish Commentary on the Gospels answers all these questions and brings to light the beautiful intricacies of early Judaism and the effect they had on the life of Jesus, whose existence and purpose changed the world in a way in which no other has ever done since.

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