Restoring the Creation Mandate EBook PDF


Our food is contaminated with chemicals. Our healthcare system is failing. After years of neglect, even our planet is suffering from pollution and disease.


  • Author: Roger L. DeHaan
  • E-book: PDF Format

Our food is contaminated with chemicals. Our health-care system is failing. After years of neglect, even our planet is suffering with pollution and disease. It’s hot where it should be cold; it is dry where it should be wet. Animals are suffering; humans are suffering. Our world is spinning out of control. Is it too late to save ourselves? Can a single individual make a difference? Is there a way to restore the beauty of God’s creation? Today the human race faces health and environmental crises at a level that no other generation in history has experienced. Despite our sophisticated technology and miracle drugs, we are sicker than ever, with as many as 90 serious diseases that cannot be cured or even treated. Humans have devastated the once-abundant natural richness of our planet through poor stewardship. We have raped the earth, stripped the soil of nutrients, and polluted our air and water. We need desperately to rediscover and reclaim the original Creation Mandate that God handed down to us when He created us in His image. Our responsibility is to exercise wise dominion over the Earth and its creatures and to be fruitful and productive. Restoring the Creation Mandate is Dr. Roger De Haan’s clarion call for us to take up once again the mantle of godly stewardship that is our legacy from Adam and Eve! In this sequel to his successful book We Don’t Die, We Kill Ourselves, Dr. De Haan presents a biblically based approach to reclaiming our mandate and turning the tide of disaster in our world. The dangers are real, but this encouraging book gives practical advice and empowering strategies to help you, your family, and your pets. Our world cannot heal without you. Apply the wisdom in this book and see how you can start today to reclaim your godly heritage of health and abundant living! We can save our world!


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