Rich Shepherd Poor Sheep

The Call to Accountability

Predatory practices have almost become the norm with some charismatic preachers. Those who are supposed to represent God have been seduced into serving their own bellies. Backroom deals designed to probe the congregation for money destroy any sense of integrity in the role which with these leaders have been trusted.

When this happens the Body of Christ is damaged.

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This book is not about specific individuals; it is about an ideology that has weakened both the effectiveness and influence of those who lead and represent the Church.

There are more good preachers than bad; it’s just that the bad throw a negative light on all. It’s common to see the bad in things more than the good, and the media knows that bad sells better than truth. I won’t feed the narrative of those who say that all preachers are pimps, players and predators. That is not true.

Not all financially struggling preachers are authentic and not all financially successful preachers are false.

My past includes times when I have allowed the pleasures of my flesh to temporarily pervert the power of my spiritual influence. But I’ve learned that when too much of my flesh manifests, my spiritual power is rendered ineffective.

My hope is that those who read this book would consider exposing themselves to themselves and allow God to heal those broken places. Preaching and ministering are so much more effective when we allow ourselves to be transparent, truthful and trusting while God graciously delivers us through all the things that could potentially stagnate our effectiveness.

Influence comes with great responsibility. How God found us is not the way he intends us to remain. We must embrace both challenge and chastisement, so we can reflect His glory, grace and goodness.

My only prayer is that those who read this book will be inspired to walk in the Truth and Power of God’s calling on your life.

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