Seasons of Refreshing – Spring

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90+ Daily Devotionals for March 21 – June 20

Winter is past … the flowers appear on the earth. Spring has arrived! Plant Seasons of Refreshing—Spring into your daily routine.

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Finally, it’s time to bid farewell to the gloomy months of Winter. Looking all around us, we find hints of new life emerging from the earth awakening from its dreary slumber. As it makes its perennial appearance, the incomparable beauty of Spring beckons us to behold the expressive symbols of grace, mercy and love. You are invited to take pause each day to consider the Words of our Beloved. Encouragement and strength to carry you through each day awaits as you linger in the fragrance of His presence—the fragrance of Spring.

It is easy to see how the Master Creator uses Spring to remind us of revival, rebirth and restoration. It is these virtues we celebrate in Seasons of Refreshing—Spring.

Seasons are a gift from God through which we see His handiwork and His life-sustaining power at work around us and within us. Seasons of Refreshing is a daily devotional for each calendar season. Acts 3:19 states these unique “seasons of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord.” Beginning the day with focused attendance on God’s Word brings refreshing as we tarry for a few quiet moments in His presence. There’s no better way to revitalize our daily commitment to live in a way that pleases our Father. Exercising the discipline of daily personal devotion and attention to God’s Word magnifies His infinite greatness as we reflect on the measure of grace bestowed upon those whom He unreservedly loves.

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2 reviews for Seasons of Refreshing – Spring

  1. Leigh Mackelvey

    My winter passed with each day engaged in the devotional book Seasons of Refreshing Winter. I enjoyed it so much that I am almost through the next book by Jan Ross, Seasons of a Refreshing Spring. I like that she writes “in seasons.” I think of my life circumstances in seasons.Seasons of doubt, seasons of joy and growth, seasons of grief, of refreshment, and so on. My thought is that we all go through diffrent seasons. In these seasonal devotional books I am inspired by the author’s ability to express with encouragement the different times of our lives. She reflects on her childhood, her own life, the life of Paul and other followers of Christ we know from the Bible. I can relate to the concise but packed devotionals and the scriptures that prompt her writing. This is an excellant devotional book for building a relationship with Christ and a personal growth. One of the jewels in the book is the separate devotinal for Easter Week. Psalm Sunday,the Holy week,the Last Supper, Good Friday, and Resurrection Sunday gave me a special boost and led me to the worship of God and His grace with more purpose.
    From today’s devotional titled Blossemless Spring, “…just remember He is Lord…He knows our circumstances. He knows our weaknesses. He knows our strengths. He knows us more than we know ourselves.”
    Such encouragement is followed by a prayer. “Father, the things of this earth fall into perspective when I remember Who you are and Whom I serve.”
    My recommendation for a book of daily devotions filled with lovely words to give you encouragement and and point you to your purpose would be Seasons of Refreshing Spring and all the Refreshing Seasons books.

  2. Karen Moore

    Peace, joy, comfort and conviction are all emotions the devotional reader will experience as they daily read these heart-given words. A must read for Devotion lovers.

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