Seven Questions You Must Answer Before Publishing Your Book


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How to define success, choose a publisher, and reach your audience

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These seven questions have the power to reveal the real reason for your book – your reason for writing it and the reason your audience will read it. These questions will walk you through the jungle of finding and building your audience and the maze of publishing choices you’ll have to make. Finally, these questions will cover the real cost of publishing and marketing a successful book, whether in dollars or blood, sweat, and tears. Publishing a successful book and sharing it with the world isn’t easy or cheap, but it’s possible. And because it’s your book, your story, even your legacy, the rewards it can offer are beyond what you may imagine.

Where do you start? Read Seven Questions You Must Ask Before Publishing Your Book

Five Reasons your book won’t sell

1. You haven’t finished writing it.

Of all the authors I spoke with about their “in-process” manuscript a year, or two years ago, you’d be surprised how many of those manuscripts are still “in process” today. I know there is a time and season for everything, but you’ll run out of times and seasons one day, and that manuscript will still be “in-process.” Seven Questions You Must Ask Before Publishing Your Book has the power to get you from “I’m working on my manuscript.” to “Welcome to my book launch.”

2. You haven’t published it.

You’d be surprised at the authors who have a finished manuscript sitting in a drawer, safe from the world ever seeing it. Failure isn’t that some people may not like your book. Failure is letting your story sit in a drawer, never sharing it with the world. Seven Questions You Must Ask Before Publishing Your Book will move you’re your manuscript out of the drawer and into the world as a book.

3. No one knows your book exists.

That’s sad. But think about it. Your book is competing with millions of other books, and all those books are competing with other media (movies, tv, video games, radio, YouTube, etc.) vying for your reader’s attention. There’s no way to guarantee that your book will sell, but I can guarantee that it won’t sell if no one knows it exists. Seven Questions You Must Ask Before Publishing Your Book walks you through identifying and building your audience.

4. No one knows what’s inside.

Readers don’t buy books; they buy what a book promises. When you’ve invested so much time, effort, and money into making your book a reality, it’s tough to remember that people aren’t interested in buying books. However, they are interested in stories that will touch their spirits, expand their world, improve their lives, or increase their happiness.  Seven Questions You Must Ask Before Publishing Your Book helps you understand your audience and deliver the promise they’re looking for.

5. People don’t have the opportunity to purchase it.

When someone is ready to buy your book, do they have an easy, obvious way to purchase it? Whether in the real world or the online world, when you share your story, is there an easy, obvious path that allows your potential reader to buy your book? Seven Questions You Must Ask Before Publishing Your Book will teach you that “audience” is singular, and each reader has a time when and a place where they want to purchase your book.

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