Seven Questions You Must Answer Before Publishing Your Book

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How to define success, choose a publisher, and reach your audience.

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Where do you start?

Read Seven Questions You Must Ask Before Publishing Your Book

These seven questions have the power to reveal the real reason for your book – your reason for writing it and the reason your audience will read it. These questions will walk you through the jungle of finding and building your audience and the maze of publishing choices you’ll have to make. Finally, these questions will cover the real cost of publishing and marketing a successful book, whether in dollars or blood, sweat, and tears. Publishing a successful book and sharing it with the world isn’t easy or cheap, but it’s possible. And because it’s your book, your story, even your legacy, the rewards it can offer are beyond what you may imagine.

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1 review for Seven Questions You Must Answer Before Publishing Your Book

  1. Chris Maxwell

    We dwell in a world of questions. We ask them and read them and hear them. We notice the questions voiced by those around us. In today’s culture, we often raise questions hoping for answers, solutions, and guidance.

    We also live in a world of words. Readers read—on social media, through texts, and yes, in books. Authors spend energy and effort connecting with audiences by raising questions and revealing answers through words. Good books offer answers to important questions.

    Writers also ask questions about their own careers. It is helpful when answers are practical and relevant. In Seven Questions, publisher Steve Spillman answers questions many authors ask about publishing in these times. His experience and wisdom bring needed material to people who have stories to tell.

    I have published eight books through Steve’s company, True Potential. His teamwork has been fun. His guidance has been practical. Steve knows we are living in a season bombarded with questions. His answers to the common questions of writers swing open wonderful doors of opportunities. Read the book. Find answers. And do not miss the opportunities awaiting you.

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