Sunday Table


52 Weekly Devotions

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I never liked journaling as a kid. I confused it with a diary–something for girls.

It was only later in my ministry years that I journaled more persistently. It has become an invaluable tool that helps me greatly in my walk of faith.

The Psalmist challenges us not to forget all of God’s benefits. Journaling is one practical way we can do that.

Journaling may not be for everyone. But I do encourage everyone to try.

Either way, I believe you will enjoy this humble devotional book, which the Lord inspired my heart to write. I hope that each week, you will be encouraged, challenged, and invited to draw nearer to the Lord. So, keep a pen and paper close by…just in case.

So, take a seat at your breakfast table or settle in at another comfortable place each Sunday and journey with me. I’m delighted to have you come along.

May God richly bless you as we journey (and possibly journal) together.

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