Take Charge of Your Cancer


Know Your Cancer Treatment Options

Austin Leahy
Paperback, 6″ x 9″, 146 pages

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A note from the author:

You arrive at your physician’s office on time, hoping she would be too. You meet, exchange greetings, and then she quietly says, “We’ve reviewed your tests and I’m sorry to tell you this, but they show you have cancer. We will need further testing to determine how advanced it is and how best we might treat it.”

Life, as you have known it, will no longer be the same.

Most of us who experience a cancer diagnosis are shocked initially, then we experience a range of emotions, accompanied by, “Why me?” Scenarios like this take place every day in doctors’ offices across the globe. In my case, I had no idea where to go from there.

You may feel the same way.

If you or a loved one has received this diagnosis, you probably have many questions, as I did. This book includes my research as a cancer patient and a cancer survivor. It provides the background knowledge that can give hope to cancer patients, and the rationale for being actively involved in all your treatment decisions.

Every cancer patient should understand these key points as they embark on their journey to be cancer-free.

A cancer diagnosis is not a death sentence. You can be healed!

Don’t be rushed into a drug regimen until you have researched conventional and alternative treatment options and can make informed decisions about the treatments.

Be aware and prepared to meet resistance from your physician or oncologist (even from your family) if you choose to do other than what they recommend.

Ultimately, the decision should be yours.

Remember, you are in control, so accept your journey to becoming cancer-free as a challenge. As you venture forth, I wish you Godspeed.

Austin Leahy

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