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Perhaps what many of us call church is more American than it is Christian.

Life in America is vastly different than almost anywhere else. Consumer expectations and the pursuit of cultural popularity are the driving force behind much of our society. There is a level of customer service that any business must maintain to remain relevant in the American marketplace. Unfortunately, this relevance has now extended itself into the Christian experience. Americans don’t just expect culture to cater to and convenience them. They now expect the Church and their faith to do the same.

Hoping to candidly address the most obvious problems in the present consumer-driven church model, The American Gospel: A Letter to a Post-Christian Church gives insight into the ways the American Church has gone astray and how it can regain influence in a rapidly changing culture. Since its inception, America has been guided by the Christian voice and the inspiration of pious believers. The decline of American Christianity is not the fault of secular culture. It is the responsibility of a relevant, comfortable, progressive church model that began in the twentieth century and now dominates American Christianity. It is clearly failing to bring the individual and cultural change that authentic faith in Jesus Christ demands.

There is hope. Not all have been swayed by competitive consumerism and its curse of relevance. By returning to orthodox Christian beliefs, demanding real conversion, and reigniting the flames of passionate faith, the American Church can still come back to its Christian roots and restore what influence it has lost.

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3 reviews for The American Gospel

  1. Tres Ward

    Much like the prophets of old who spoke God’s words to a religious crowd that desperately should have listened, Josh Lafferty is speaking as a prophet to the modern American church. He exposes the carefully concealed weaknesses of religious institution and reveals, as it were, that “the emperor has no clothes.“

    Josh writes passionately and purposefully in a way that readers of all kinds will understand. His overview of the many issues plaguing today’s church culture will leave you with a desire to dig deeper and take action. I found myself both nodding my head with agreement and shaking my head with shame. At first, I wished that others would also read this book and take its words to heart, only to realize that it was for that very reason that I needed to be reading it for myself.

    This is for every pastor and ministry leader who is discontent with what the American church has become. Josh urges us to break away from “The American Gospel” and return to the orthodox Christian teachings of the New Testament writers as well as many of the patterns and practices of the New Testament church. If you need the motivation to recalibrate your life and ministry, then this is the book for you.

  2. L’Oreal

    The American Gospel is an honest, yet passionate, take on the modern church. It’s a great read that brings a light a view that most aren’t bold enough uncover. Josh did an excellent job bringing forth this view with love and passion! You won’t be disappointed in this book!

  3. Shelby Emmert

    Christians are facing a world of many changes that combat faith and beliefs. Josh has boldly written the truths we need to stand on, in love. As we face persecution and challenges, as promised, pouring into our faith is important. This book is something I am very excited about. His mind and heart are pure, full of love with a foundation of God’s truths that he continually pursues with everything he has. Take time and invest in this book, you will not regret it. Thank you, Josh, for your boldness and obedience.

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