The Great Harvest of the Post-Allah World ebook


How Gog and Magog Will Change the Future of Mankind

The greatest harvest of souls in the history of mankind.

Pierre-Louis Ours

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Beginning 27 centuries ago, God foretold the return of all the Jews to the land He had given them—Israel. He foretold this before they were exiled the first time to Babylon and centuries before they were banished from their land the second time by the Romans. This ultimate return would be completed around an event often called the war of Gog and Magog. God gives an incredible amount of details about the return of the Jews to their land and about this war in the message of Ezekiel and of other prophets as well. This war is a historical game-changer; nothing will be quite the same after. It has a single leitmotif though: the greatest harvest of souls—Jews and Gentiles—in the history of mankind. As a reactionary consequence to this, Gog and Magog also usher in the worldwide polarization of evil that will make the ascendency and the success of the Anti-Christ possible. Gog and Magog is a pivotal event. IF you know Jesus and IF you know YHWH, then you know that Jesus will not bring the Great Commission to a close because it has petered out and nothing could revitalize it. All power of heaven and earth has been placed in Jesus’ hand, so Jesus cannot lose, and He will not exit His plan to avoid annihilation! His hand will never be forced. Some momentous events in our very near future will trigger the largest single-generation harvest of the Great Commission.


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