Word and Spirit Together

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It is vital that Charismatic and Evangelical Christians should be united in witness and proclamation.

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Author: David Pawson

Pages: 164

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ISBN: 978-0-981896-16-8

It is vital that Charismatic and Evangelical Christians should be united in witness and proclamation. This book helps us to see how this is possible, as the author goes behind and beyond the controversies and considers the content and application of Scripture. The author has a passionate desire to see Charismatics and Evangelicals united. He has made a searching study of their remaining differences which he believes can be resolved without compromise. This book is essential reading for every Christian with a vision for a church united in faithfulness to the Word and openness to the work of the Holy Spirit.

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2 reviews for Word and Spirit Together

  1. Gloria J. Gregory

    This book is a beautiful examination of reconciling differences between charismatic and evangelical doctrine. As David Pawson strongly asserts, the division that results from strong adherence to either of these positions is not appropriate for followers of Christ. Mr. Pawson identifies the compromises each position must make to align with true Biblical teaching and to come together in one body of Christ. It is valuable reading for any Christian.

  2. Joshua-Paul Johnian

    I respect and admire David Pawson as a speaker and researcher. He provides some good detail on the topic as well as nuances to the topic that will challenge some of the standard opinions on the topic. However, there is a puzzeling item that features in all of his books. All of his books are poorly edited. In fact, they actually take away from the professional stature you expect from an author providing such insights. Honestly, I am unsure why he would not have edited his works before print? Setting this oddity aside the book will be worth the read and may in fact change some of your prior persuasion.

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