Sell Your Book

Sell your book

Getting your book published is one thing; selling your book to readers is another. The list of companies that will help you publish your book is as long as your arm; the list of companies that’ll be there, partnering with you as you sell your book to readers is much shorter. So what’s the difference? We think we are.

We still believe we’re in the book selling business, not the author selling business. What do I mean by author selling? With many ‘self-publishing’ and subsidy publishing companies, you – the author, are the product and the profit model. Their job isn’t selling your books, it’s selling you! Don’t get me wrong, they may produce a great book for you (or not) but when they’ve delivered your book, they’re done with the transaction – and done with you. When it comes time to sell the book you’ve paid them to produce, short of selling you more ‘marketing’ services that don’t work, they’re as hard to find as a snowflake in August. It’s not that they’re bad people, it’s just that they’re not really in the business of selling books – they just sell authors.

What makes True Potential different? We’re not ‘self-publishers’ or subsidy publishers; we’re Partner Publishers. We partner with you in creating, marketing and selling your book. Our partners are authors, but our business is books.

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