UNSHAKABLE: Building the Foundations of Faith

God has provided believers with His baseline truth. Everything else we read in Scripture can be compared to the baseline truth to provide us with the certainty of whether or not we are correctly interpreting what we read. This baseline of truth forms a foundation. The foundation supports and sustains all that is built on it!

The writer of the Book of Hebrews identified a foundation for New Covenant Faith. These seven doctrines provide the basis for faith that is unshakable and immovable. They also provide a spiritual GPS that ensures we will never “run off the rails” with strange doctrine. Furthermore, it provides a path to ensure that we grow to be spiritually mature believers who can not only stand strong for ourselves but can also become teachers and leaders who guard and guide the flock of God! These seven doctrines comprise a shield of truth that will guard our hearts and minds against spiritual deception.

As you read the following pages, I would encourage you to use the seven doctrines to evaluate your current beliefs about God. Any place you find a discrepancy between the foundations of the faith and your current beliefs, make the proper adjustments.

Resources mentioned in UNSHAKABLE

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