The Gospel of Peace

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Discover the keys to experiencing the peace of God in your life and your relationships through this exciting book. It will change your life!


Author: Dr. James B. Richards
Pages: 203
Trim Size: 8.9 x 5.9 x 0.4 inches
Binding: Perfect Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-924748-94-3

God, in His great love for man, judged the sin of the world in Jesus. Because His wrath and righteous judgment have already taken place, man is now free to enter into a peaceful relationship with a holy God. God wants you to live in a harmonious relationship with Him and a harmonious relationship with people. This can only happen when you have peace. Discover the keys to experiencing the peace of God in your life and your relationships through this exciting book. It will change your life!

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12 reviews for The Gospel of Peace

  1. Art Druckenmiller

    Excellent book for authentic seekers

  2. George E. Nettles

    The most important book a Christian should read besides the Bible!

  3. WorshipSong.com

    One of the clearest Biblical presentations of the gospel of grace I’ve read. I highly recommend this book to everyone who desires to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus.

  4. Martha

    It is a great book

  5. Dameon Hall

    The gospel of peace is an amazing book about the real gospel! Full of peace! Tired of all the wrathful, and judgement messages? This is a cure. Jim has the best stuff out there. Buy all of his books! I promise you they won’t disappoint. Read, meditate upon and APPLY what he conveys. Experience real transformation! Experience the Gospel like never before! The gospel of PEACE!

  6. Julie Carter

    This book mainly focused on Peace that comes from the finished work of the cross.
    This book covers the law, God’s wrath, sickness, and sin. Anyone who isn’t sure where they stand on these subjects, I would highly recommend this read.

  7. CPG

    Relax and read this. We are all mature enough to see the truth in it. It is cut into little pieces so you can digest this and research the scriptures for yourself. Your religious hat (the one that the pharisee and scribes wore, that Jesus condemned) will come off for this one! The most unhappy people in the world simply do not understand God’s love for them. This book changed my life. It made me angry at first…because I felt I wasted a lot of time on religion. I then realized that I can start where I am at now, with what I have and make a difference! Get this book so you can sleep better than you ever have!

  8. Maxie Jo Johnson

    This book is a rare jewel…simple to read and understand and, at the same time, capture the heart!

  9. ssquire

    Excellent! Every Christian should know and understand this book. Let’s stop trying to reduce our New Covenant, paid for with the precious blood of Jesus, to another set of regulations on stone tablets.

  10. Beverly Ott

    Very good book. Very freeing

  11. Tarah

    I was brought up saying that works doesn’t save yet, thinking if I didn’t ask for forgiveness in something I might have done wrong, I was chancing Hell. It doesn’t add up. But reading this opened my mind to see what God wants us to see and it’s a life changer!

  12. J. Glover

    Dr. Jim, (as I call him) presents the simple gospel message in a way that strips all the trappings of “religion” off of it and makes it understandable to the newest believer. All the Father ever wanted was fellowship with men. This book makes it clear that that is what He still desires and the lengths He was willing to go that we might have PEACE with God.

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