Heaven on Earth: Revealing the Mystery of God’s Kingdom


Jesus taught us how to experience heaven on earth. It’s actually pretty straightforward. He called it the Kingdom of God. There’s nothing complicated about it. This book is written, based on Jesus’ teaching, to unravel the Mystery of the Kingdom.

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Jesus said He came to give us the abundant life. The Greek word for life is zoe.Its literal meaning is: the quality of life possessed by the one who gives it! In other words, Jesus wants us to have the same quality of life He is experiencing with God!

This book has one very simple purpose! I want to give you the information and the tools needed to experience the very best quality of life possible, while you are on planet earth: the abundant life.

Intention Statement:

As you begin this book, let the following intention statement direct your reading and understanding as you read.

I intend to live the abundant life! I will read this material with an open mind, remaining loyal to the scripture, while allowing the Holy Spirit to be my personal teacher! I desire to live, move and have my being in the realm Jesus called the Kingdom of God, and enjoy all the associated benefits!

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