Satan Unmasked

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Who is Satan, really? Far too many Christians have a distorted image of the devil. Contrary to popular belief, he is not a powerful spiritual being!

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Author: Dr. James B. Richards

Pages: 192

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ISBN: 978-0-924748-30-1

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Who is Satan, really? Far too many Christians have a distorted image of the devil. Contrary to popular belief, he is not a powerful spiritual being! He is a defeated foe; Jesus has stripped him of all power and authority. Satan is NOT our problem; it is ignorance. What we don t know WILL hurt us. When we know the truth, the truth will set us free. The Book of Isaiah teaches that a time will come when we will look on Satan in utter astonishment, and we will say, Is this the one who made the nations tremble? Join national best-selling author Dr. James B. Richards on a journey of deeper understanding as he exposes the truth of Satan and his so-called power. You will discover how the traditions of the past have presented a distorted image of the enemy’s power versus the ultimate power of the finished work of Jesus. There is no reason for any believer to spend even one day in fear of the devil. Satan Unmasked will challenge and free you like nothing you have ever read.

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13 reviews for Satan Unmasked

  1. Darold Hedenskog

    It is an eye opener

  2. Dejan Holder

    Excellent book! Focuses on how renewing our mind with what the Word says about our position in Christ is really the key to sustained victory in life, not just deliverance or thinking that there is a demon under every rock.

    It really is a New Covenant treatment of the issue. Most books I’ve seen tackle this almost exclusively from the Old Covenant, generational curses, being under the law, Daniel’s prayers being hindered etc. without showing how Christ has changed all of that. Excellent book!

  3. Sharon P. Davis

    When a person has been searching their life as to why things unfold in their lives, this gives a person hope. There are guide lines that are very evident, answers that will help you to engage with your relationship with God. He is the ultimate Father. It will jolt you out of self pity and blaming others for the torments we have all gone through. It is work but clearly much healing and discernment, you will be on the road to maturing and letting go of the past in a most healthy way. Blessings to you!

  4. cooky2000

    Change what you think. Sets you on a path to discover where your belief in this area come from

  5. Barbara

    Dr. Richards put Satan in a different light from what theology has taught and took Scriptures church doctrine had used to prove their reasons and put them in a different light. Satan is an angel and angels are servants. Richards stated that Satan’s sin was pride and briefly mentioned Jealousy (envy) also. I think that when God decided to make man in His image that it made :Lucifer so insanely jealous that that was what brought his downfall. He desperately hates human beings and he wanted to be like God. There is one point that I question, if I understand what Richards was saying correctly, that Satan was cast out of heaven after God made man and was not permitted back in God’s heaven but was relegated to the earth and the heaven’s surrounding it. In Job, I believe the scene did not take place in God’s heaven but on earth at a special time of praise and worship (a festival) where the sons of Seth (sons of God) met…and Satan showed up. God asked “where did you come from”…what was he doing there, and Satan replied that he had been walking up and down throughout the earth. I did learn some new things about Satan from this book and realize that Satan is under our feet but he is not one to be ignored. Scripture tells us to be watchful so that we are not deceived. I really liked the book. Richards is an excellent writer and it is obvious he is hearing from God.

  6. G.E.M.

    This book is long overdue in the Body of Christ! Enough is enough with all the over-attention given to a very defeated enemy! Oh, he’s real but he’s also the great illusionist and intimidator, so that whenever we fall for his lies and deceptions we blame God who already did His part to take away the devil’s authority in this earth (that was originally given to men to steward and is now overseen by Christ’s irreversible Resurrection power in those who believe).

  7. aareal

    This book was recommended for a course I took. It exceeded my expectations. It was an easy read. I enjoyed reading it.

  8. J. Glover

    Dr.Richards has the capacity to help you really see many things you already have basic knowledge of.By sharing the literal meaning of words from the original language and comparing scripture wuth scripture,you get a clearer picture of truths you have already accepted..Satan Unmasked is this kind of teaching..Not for immature believers.

  9. Dottie Miley

    This book is about how Jesus defeated satan at the cross of Calvary. Jesus conquered him who had the power of death, and stripped him of all position and power. Jesus in us has given us the power over satan also. We overcome him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.

  10. C. Ferber


  11. Vyonna Rae Badgley

    Dr Richards gives you a new look at Satan and contrary to what you have been taught the powers HE DOES NOT HAVE!!!! You have control over Satan, and he was DEFEATED at the cross!!!!!

  12. A. Walker

    If you read this book you need to pick out the bones as you do when eating fish! I have had my share of dealing with enemy and I can not completely agree with this author becuase I know that what I have gone through in my walk with the Lord is true! Some stuff is good but some stuff is a little off balance so again if you read this book don’t get off balance with what you are reading or with all the other books you have read because if you put all these ideas together they make more sense then going to extremes as some of us tend to do.
    Read it for yourself! You be the judge!

  13. Dolores M. Patterson

    This book exposes the lies that keep the believer in bondage. It is full of scripture and easy to read with practical applications to experience a life set free in Christ.

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