Pastors, ministers, teachers, and evangelists should also be authors. It’s a natural (and profitable) fit.

Whether you consider yourself a pastor, preacher, teacher, evangelist or simply a public speaker, your primary mode of communication your message is through personal, live oral presentation.
Your audience, your church congregation, your class, those groups or churches who invite you to speak gather together in one place for a live event. You’re there, they’re there – ‘there’ is where it’s at.
Your ‘product’ is your sermon, your teaching session, your speech or your message. That’s why your audience has come, to hear you speak.
So why do you need a book?
If we think about it a bit we can come up with at least 6 good reasons:
  1. Selling books at your speaking venue creates additional revenue: In many cases, book sales revenue from the ‘back of the room’ after a speaking engagement exceeds the honorarium a speaker receives. If your venue doesn’t provide an honorarium or the situation can’t afford or doesn’t call for an honorarium, your book revenue may be the only recompense you receive. It’s remarkable (and admirable) that so many ministers accept non-paying speaking opportunities, covering the cost of time and travel out of their own pocket. Indeed, that’s the intended ‘cost’ of the gospel – free. Selling your books to a grateful and interested audience provides revenue that allows your ministry to continue.
  2. Your book gives your audience a ‘What’s next?’ step: You inspire and challenge your audience with your words, but what happens when the speaking engagement is over and your audience goes home? Are they going to be able to remember and apply your words? Your book (or books) gives your audience a resource to take home and continually apply your message to their lives, long after the speaking engagement is over.
  3. Being a published author lends credibility and validity to your resume. You may think that judgments like this shouldn’t affect your credibility and validate your message, but that thinking simply isn’t reality. Those who consider inviting you to speak and those who come to hear your message look for evidence for why they should consider you or your message, particularly if a personal relationship doesn’t already exist. Being a published author sends a powerful signal to those looking for ‘proof’ that you and your message have already been validated by a wider audience.
  4. Being a published author can make you a better speaker. Having a published book doesn’t necessarily make you an expert, popular, dynamic or even worth listening to. But having a published book does mean that you have been through the process and that your publisher believes in you and your message enough to put their name on your book. Going through the process, in most cases, does make you more of an expert. The process can sharpen your thinking, clarify and organize your presentation and make your message more dynamic.
  5. Being a published author can increase the amount and quality of your speaking invitations. If your host is the pastor of a church or the organizer of a public event, they want the best possible experience and result for ‘their’ people. Having a published book means that you’ve most likely done your homework on the subject, and your book allows the host to understand and vet your message upfront before you to share it with their audience.
  6. Being a published author makes you easier to find. Let’s face it, one of the first things a potential host does when considering a speaker is to do an Internet search. This is the most common validation step in the vetting process. Your online footprint (your digital ‘resume’) should appear early and often by an Internet search. Having a published book, by a reputable tech-savvy publisher with a strong distribution infrastructure adds significantly to your online footprint. Even if you have a ministry website, blog and Social media accounts, the online ‘places’ and frequency with which your book can be found dramatically increases your online ‘findability.’

Do you want to take your speaking career to the next level by becoming a published author? It is easier than you think and within your reach. Contact me by clicking here, let’s talk about your future.