A Hebrew Teacher Explores Psalm 23

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I recently read a statistic by the American Bible Society that only 30% of Christians actually read their Bibles on a regular basis. For many Christians, their morning devotional time, if they even have one, consists of reading a quick Bible verse or two. On New Year’s Eve, pastors hand out pamphlets that lay out a daily reading plan to read through the whole Bible in one year. Most Christians can’t even do that.

But I believe most, if not all, Christians, desire to study the Bible more; they just don’t have the motivation. They have heard all the Bible stories and countless sermons. They just assume if they study the Bible, it will just be the same old same old. That brings me to the purpose of this book and why I chose the 23rd Psalm, a passage so familiar that many Christians can recite it by memory. I want you to see that the Bible is a well that never runs dry. You can study this passage for a lifetime and still learn something new.

Hopefully, by the end of this book, you will realize that the gold of Psalm 23 is not mined out. There are still many veins of riches buried in it, just waiting for the Holy Spirit and your personal meditation and study to guide you to them.

It may sound a little hypocritical to tell you to depend upon the Holy Spirit and your personal meditations and research to arrive at deeper spiritual insights in Scripture, then, turn around and offer my personal insight on such a familiar passage as Psalm 23. But I chose to make my point by taking this loved and well-known Psalm and putting an obviously different spin on it.

When you opened this book, you took your first step on a road not traditionally traveled down Psalm 23. But rest assured that the road still leads to the same destination. That destination is the very Heart of God.

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