A Tale Of A Templar


Can a Templar’s journey through darkness and death help him change the destiny of America?

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Sir Godfrey L’Enfant, like so many other Templar knights during the Crusades, sought honor and worldly pursuits before he discovered that God had a plan more incredible than he or anyone else could imagine. From hell’s lowest depths to heaven’s highest glories, Godfrey faces demons and meets angels sent by God to help him to discover his destiny. During his second chance at an earthly life in the small town of Athens, Georgia, he witnesses the fall and resurrection of one of America’s most recognized Christian families, the Maxwells, and the destruction of Alex Levonson, one of Lucifer’s advocates. Godfrey soon discovers that his fate is intertwined with that of the Maxwell family, which all of hell tries to destroy through the infamous “Day of Fire.”

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