The Rise and Fall of Angelic Kingdoms


A Hero is Born: Book 1

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A Tale Of A Templar

Can a Templar's journey through darkness and death help him change the destiny of America?

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On the planet Hydrea, the angelic empire known as Zantum rules with relative peace, serenity, and harmony. Their power goes unchallenged until one of the four brothers decides he wants to forge his own destiny by becoming emperor.  

To further his rebellion, Laden, king of the black wings, has an affair with Drayna, queen of the dragons, plunging the lands into war. Since angels are forbidden to mingle with the races of Hydrea, this makes their union an act of treason.  

The Three Gods, who are the highest deities of the world, see what is happening to the races of Hydrea, so they raise a hero from obscurity to challenge the darkness that is quickly encroaching. Now the chosen hero must defeat not only the rebels, but his past, to become the champion he is destined to be.

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