Game Changer


A Playbook for Winning at Life.

“Our journeys are all the same.From the moment we are born we take our first breath until the final moment in this world when we exhale our last breath, we are the same.”

An inspirational book for coaches.

Foreword by Mel Blount


A Playbook for Winning at Life

I am a vessel. God sent one perfect man to teach us how to live and love each other, and we still aren’t doing it. One day God let me know He could use me to talk to people about His Book, not mine, and that’s what I want to do. I am just an ordinary man that has opportunities every day to tell people about Jesus Christ. One life, God uses every day to read His word and to share His word. I am telling my story, not because I have had a remarkable and amazing life, but because God is using me to share the remarkable and amazing things He has done for us. The journey that has led me here has been God’s plan, not mine. Maybe God’s plan will change your life or help you change the lives of others.

By sharing with people how He is doing the very same in your life right now, maybe, it will change you the way it has changed me. Use me, use my words to help the people you will encounter to have a heart for the Lord. God wants them to win for eternity. Use one chapter, one verse, one experience from my life, or from some of the beautiful people I will share with you, to share with others. God changes everything in a life. Winning is EVERYTHING, as long as we are in the right game.

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