His Healing Place


Stillness of Heart with God

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The call no parent wants came to us at 11:45 PM on April 28, 1989. "Your son has been in an accident.” He was not expected to live through the night. On the way to the hospital, I heard an audible voice, “Don’t worry; he’s going to be all right."

God started writing this book in my heart that night. His Healing Place: Stillness of Heart with God is not as much about our family’s journey as it is about the keeping power of God and what He has taught me through the years.

God's faithfulness, the richness and depth of His healing, and His keeping power available to us all. Whether or not tragedy has visited your life, the Lord will speak to you in His Healing Place.

His Healing Place

  • is more than a meditation/stillness tool to improve our life. It is discovering how to show up in life with Christ in us and we in Him.
  • is where God desires us to live. It is where we learn to pray from connection rather than circumstance.
  • is a school for life, and our instructor is Jesus.
  • is a stillness within that teaches us to hear the voice of God. It is knowing He intimately abides within us.
  • is where gratitude is a key that opens the door, and our prayers come from a place of stillness.
  • is where we receive what our striving will never produce.
  • is where we hear, “Don’t worry, everything’s going to be all right.”

In His Healing Place, the Gospel is simple: God brings healing and refreshment to our life, body, soul, mind, and emotions. It is in this place that His prayers for us are answered. Come join Him in His Healing Place.

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