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Abuse, Forgiveness, And The Journey Into God’s Love

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Abuse, Forgiveness, And The Journey Into God’s Love

Jaye Wiegold

This story isnt just my story; it is His. I am His!

I was born into a life of physical and sexual abuse, sadness, fear, depression, desperation, and hopelessness. With Jesus Christ, it became one of love, forgiveness, healing, freedom, and life eternal that began the day I met Him, but it has been a journey.

Even after I became a believer, Ive wrestled with questions that still challenge and grow my faith.

  • Does God really love me?
  • Will I ever be able to trust Him?
  • Is He really powerful—or really good?
  • Is healing from so many years of painful abuse and suffering even possible?

The answer to all of these questions is a resounding yes!

The Lord has been writing His story in my spirit for many years. I am sharing it with you as an intentional act of worship of Him.

Love and hope and healing is found in Jesus. Not in the Christian religion. Not in the church. Only in the person of Jesus Christ.

My prayer is that, as you read about my journey, you will see Jesus and realize that He passionately loves you.

“Whether you’ve experienced the trauma of abuse, divorce, miscarriage, or the task to forgive the seemingly impossible, His will be a kind and gentle hand leading you to the Savior—the only place where true healing is possible.”

Kelly Minter, Bible teacher and author of

Nehemiah: A Heart That Can Break

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4 reviews for HIS

  1. KWO625

    Wonderful! Amazing story of God’s redemption, love, and purpose.

  2. Susan Wood

    An inspiring narrative! This is a powerful account of a powerful God! The account of the author’s life as a young girl and young woman is so hard to read, but her testimony to the power of God to reach into her circumstances and claim her as His own makes those hard circumstances look like blessings in disguise. Her love for Him is only surpassed by His love for her and the author’s testifying of that love relationship truly compelled me to want to know more deeply the God she knows so well. I’m sure it will do the same for all who read this wonderful memoir.

  3. Paul Lach

    Great read! A wonderful, uplifting, and compelling book. I am ordering more copies for friends and family.

  4. PennySaved

    Jaye Wiegold’s life is not defined by her extremely sad childhood. Her memoir begins by telling the story of her abusive, neglected upbringing–it’s heartbreaking. Then she moves to the story of how she found the saving grace of Jesus.
    Like just about anyone who has gone through very horrible circumstances, she comes to the point when she has to ask God why? God answers simply with love. Her love relationship with Jesus becomes what defines her as *His.*
    In the end she gains a completely new life, forgiveness in broken relationships, and freedom from her past. Actually the freedom she finds is that the life she has been given, the good with the bad, is a gift, and God intended it “for good.”
    Whether you are a believer in Christ Jesus already or if you simply want to know more about how to discover victory in spite of the really difficult circumstances of life, this is a wonderful true story told by a woman of kindness, love, and peace.

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