I’m Home Yet … Missing in Action


Treating PTSD with EFT

To protect what is loved and to fulfill the mission requires powerful intention. Once that mission is complete, veterans may need that same powerful intention to return home.

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Returning home can require strength to face the fact that things are different and that you may be hurting or just plain numb. Many are home, yet missing in action.

I’m Home, Yet ... Missing in Action offers an easy to follow path that has worked for thousands of others. It will challenge you to forgive others, forgive policy, and most importantly, forgive yourself.

This path points toward transformation through faith (not religion) guidance on applying the right tools, to the area that is Freedom Techniques (EFT) or tapping, is used by special debriefing and it is user-friendly. EFT can locate and remove subversive and emotional processes, reduce pain and eliminate fear. Your lifes picture can be beautiful and worth living again.

It’s not only military men and women who can be home, yet missing in action. Many are stuck in life without the ability to change. But once negative blocks are out of the way anything is possible. Goals that have always seemed out of reach are attainable when you find the tools that connect you with love, relationships, and your dreams again. It is my hope that the lessons in this book will resonate with you, give you hope, and make your journey home possible.

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