Israel in the New Testament

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Those who believe what the Bible teaches about God's plans and purposes for the people and place of Israel are often accused of giving more time and attention to the Old Testament than the New.

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  • Author: David Pawson
  • Pages: 315
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Those who believe what the Bible teaches about God’s plans and purposes for the people and place of Israel are often accused of giving more time and attention to the Old Testament than the New, and there is some truth in this. Over 80% of the promises and prophecies of the Old Testament have been literally fulfilled. It is a simple matter of faith in God’s faithfulness to believe that he means what he says, and will do what he says he will do. This exciting new study reveals that both the people and the place called ‘Israel’ have a significant role in God’s future plans for world redemption. Five books of the New Testament are used here to illustrate this important truth.

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5 reviews for Israel in the New Testament

  1. Israel Morales

    It met my expectations.

  2. Ranger

    Israel in the New Testament is the companion book to David Pawson’s Defending Christian Zionism. While Defending Christian Zionism was a rebuttal to the argument of modern replacement theology teachers like Stephen Sizer who oppose Christian Zionism, Israel in the New Testament is more of a stand alone survey of New Testament teaching regarding Israel and the Jewish people. Like its companion, this book demolishes the arguments of replacement theology. Israel and the Jews have a destiny alongside the church as is plainly taught in the New Testament Gospel of Matthew, in the Book of Acts, in the epistles to the Romans and Hebrews, and clearly in the Book of Revelation. Yet Pawson also acknowledges that Christ-rejecting Jews are disqualified from salvation (Unlike Dual Covenant Zionists) and he explains from scripture the real meaning behind general statements such as “all Israel will be saved.” Pawson also confronts the erroneous conclusions drawn by those who rely on dispensationalism to support their interpretation of the Book of Revelation — a controversial issue that will rub many American evangelicals the wrong way. But David Pawson’s gift is teaching scripture from the text and in context as opposed to over-reliance on the traditional dogmas of denominationalism that often force unscriptural interpretations. His approach is balanced, his writing clear, and his conclusions are difficult to argue against without resorting to these doctrines of men. David Pawson writes with so much honesty it’s hard not to respect his conclusions even if one doesn’t completely agree with his views. You know he is writing from the heart and not trying to merely sell books for gain or promote his ministry for fame. For this reason I recommend him generally to anyone who wants to better understand the doctrines of the Christian faith. And this book in particular is highly recommended.

  3. Phil

    Very helpful.

  4. Terence Carpenter

    Any/all of David Pawson’s teaching is very worthwhile…we need more sound Bible teachers out there!

  5. Taffy

    This is (yet another) excellent study by David Pawson. I love this book. It brings New Testament teaching on Israel to life. Highly recommended. I’ll never look at the book of Romans the same way again!

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