One New Man Bible Companion Bundle

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One New Man Bible Companion

Companion One

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One New Man Bible Companion Volume II

Companion II

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One New Man Bible Companion III

Companion III

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The One New Man Bible Companion, Volumes I, II and III are the perfect study companions for the One New Man Bible.

More than 750 pages and more than 500 indexed subjects between these three volumes!

Companion Volume I

At more than 91,000 words and 242 pages, this companion to the One New Man Bible will serve as a useful and constant guide in your Bible study for years to come.

Companion Volume II

  • 270 pages
  • 232 all-new indexed subjects.
  • 15 Chapters including Heroines of the Bible, Kings of Judah, Jewish Roots, and Mysteries of the Bible

Companion Volume III

One New Man Bible Companion III offers even more commentary and insights based on the One New Man Bible!

  • 17 Chapters
  • 264 pages
  • Over 100 indexed articles


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