Seek Me Find Me

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Practicing The Presence Of God In You—With All Your Heart

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God’s presence is AWEsome. While most of us have not experienced it in the visible way that the Apostles or early Israelites did, He dwells with us in a very tangible way. God wants us to know Him better. But how do we do this? The number one way to get to know God and get into His presence is through His Word. When we keep the Word of God in our hearts and abide by it, we can experience the Presence of God.

The purpose of this book is to help you to establish yourself in God’s presence by continually communicating with Him that you should feed and nourish your heart with the things of God—which will yield great joy.

To abide in His presence 24/7, you must become engaged in this endeavor for the love of God. To form this habit of conversing with God, you must examine Him diligently. But after a little while, you will find His love within you and do it effortlessly. I pray that you do not make this complicated. Those who practice the presence of God will know that Christ is in you—the hope of glory.

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2 reviews for Seek Me Find Me

  1. Lynette Harris

    The book Seek Me, Find Me was what I really needed in my life right this very minute! I have just started but, it’s not a book to quickly zip through!
    God has station for me to be on one page at a time for over an hour and, bringing those scriptures that, are listed and, not just reiterating with the writer is saying but, taking and, showing me deeper than, what I was capable of feeling!

  2. Kelvin Easter

    In Mary’s new book, Seek Me Find Me, Practicing The Presence Of God In You—With All Your Heart, she has hit the bullseye. This book is filled with God’s Word and sheds light on the discipline of seeking God and practicing His presence. I felt the Lord’s presence while reading and pondering the discipline of being with Jesus. As you read and meditate upon the truths within this manuscript, you will find yourself longing to be with the Lord.

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