Stargates, Time Travel, and Alternate Universes

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A Hebrew Teacher Looks at Stargates, Time Travel, and Alternate Universes

Biblical Word Studies With Chaim Bentorah

  • What is the meaning of life?
  • When did time begin?
  • Did Adam and Eve spend thousands, even millions of years in the Garden before the Fall?
  • Were the men who appeared to Abram and saved Lot’s family from the destruction of Sodom, visitors from another planet?
  • Was Lot’s wife turned into a pillar of salt or disintegrated by a nuclear blast?
  • Who were the sons of God and the giants of Genesis 6?
  • Is Hell an alternative universe?
  • Can you pray to change something that has already happened?
  • What happens when we die?
  • Will eternity be boring?
  • Is Heaven a real place? If it is, where is it?
  • Is time travel possible?

Hebrew scholar, Chaim Bentorah explores the original language of the Bible. He has traced words to their Semitic origins and searched out ancient Jewish literature to determine if the renderings in this book are within the range of plausibility. Then he stepped out of the box and drew from the science of modern physics and his Ph.D.  studies in biblical archaeology to reach the conclusions presented in this book.

He believes it is important to study the Word of God in its original languages and to be wholly dependent upon the Holy Spirit to guide students into their knowledge of God. The nature of the Hebrew language is open to a wide scope of interpretation and not all traditional interpretations should be trusted as exclusively accurate.

The ideas explored in this book are not presented as fact, but as possibility, well within the parameters of the original language and context. If you believe in God and Jesus Christ His Son who came to earth, lived, died, and rose again to atone for your sins and that you believe you will spend eternity with God in a place called heaven, then the possibilities of His reality are endless, and the original languages of His Word do not contradict the possibilities presented in this book.

You never know, Bigfoot may be a heavenly creature who steps in and out of a portal now and then to say “Hi there!”

“De omnibus est dubitandum” “Everything should be questioned.” Descartes


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9 reviews for Stargates, Time Travel, and Alternate Universes

  1. Mark Siljander

    Very creative and thought providing insightful review of issues followers of Yah’shu’ah really want to know.

  2. Sherry

    Thank you Chaim Bentorah for another thought provoking book, this is another one that I will read and ponder over more than once! I also go back and buy additional copies to share with friends who are never disappointed by your books. Please keep writing and sharing your insights into scripture, it always makes me want to go deeper with God! God Bless you Brother.

  3. Wayne Durham

    A crazy and fun book filled with speculations and imagination where the Scriptures are not absolutely clear. As wild as some of Chaim Bentorahs thinking might be, what his sharing of his ideas did for me was nothing less than to drive me further into God’s Word. To marvel at His greatness. To draw me even more so to want to know the heart of the God Creator of the universe. And who knows, maybe a few of Bentorahs ideas just might be spot on. Or is Chaim just scratching the surface! To God be the Glory!

  4. Hashim Mustafa

    It will probably bring a frown or two when one reads my point of view regarding your latest book. My first impression is WOW! The Holy Spirit had to be guiding you as you wrote the contents of this book. There are places in this Manuscript that I could sense the presence of The Holy Spirit as I read the content of that particular chapter. I can only speak for myself, and my thoughts are this book brings conformation for those who seek the deep things of God. I am reading it again to make sure that I don’t miss anything. I am recommending it to others as well. Thank you for going beyond our personal realm of thought.

  5. jay Spencer Marion

    I was pleased to see that there are others who do not mind exploring the topics that most believers in “Jesus” have no concept of. I must admit that being a “Star Trek” fan and reading virtually all of your wonderful books (with some exceptions in Racham), that Leonard Nimoy (a Jew) had a great deal of impact on many concepts one viewed on that original series…I have often equated Philip’s “disappearance” after ministering to the Ethiopian Eunuch as being “beamed up” by Adonai and often thought that as we get further into the time of the anti-messiah and true believers who refuse to take the vaccines that are slowly being forced upon the world, that Adonai will “transport” His children to places of ministry for His glory without the dictatorial demands of the government and the airline industry which will constrict travel by normal means (no passport, no visas, no cramped seating and no airline food for added bonuses). I am an avid fan of my brother “Chaim” or whatever your real name is, and I am extremely glad that Adonai has brought your input into my life and the lives of MY STUDENTS in Africa, India, and Vietnam… As I have had the funds I have sent your books along with the Tree of Life version bible to as many people that Adonai has prompted me to do so, and they all have exclaimed how these books have radically altered their way of thinking from seeing a Hebrew concept of Messiahship to a Western adulteration often completely devoid of any Jewish references whatever. Keep up the good work dude, as there are a few of us out there who still have the ability to “think” and repeatedly request the best teacher in Adonai’s Kingdom, the Ruach ha-Kodesh to each day make scripture come alive as one waits on His good pleasure

  6. Gregh B

    Absolutely fascinating. As is often stated about the descriptions of what is seen in visions the writer could only describe it from what he knew and had seen. Well Chaim has taken what we know from scientific research and what has been theorized as possibilities by physicists and applied it to incidents in the bible that certainly could well be what actually happened.
    It is certainly a though provoking book. No doubt there will be vocal detractors but what is written is certainly possible knowing what we know now. I will be reading it a couple of times to see what I missed the first time.

  7. John

    One of the most enjoyable reads I have had in a while. Very thought provoking, some will say weird, VERY different, and who knows … the old boy might be right :-). I will definitely be recommending this book to my friends.

  8. Anne Hamilton

    I write lots of books. I read tons of books. There are very few I read twice, slowly digesting and thinking about what the contents are really saying and how they apply to real life. This is one of those. It may possibly even become a favourite. It will certainly join my Top 10 books of my reading decade and possibly even be one of the books I’d select to choose if ever I was to get stranded on that desert island.

    Please indulge me by allowing me to tell you a snippet of my personal writing journey. I started out by writing children’s fantasy but the books that really took off for me were my devotional theology ones. But I often yearn to get back to the children’s fantasy genre and it’s a struggle because I like to get the theology “just right” and I all too often find myself struggling to understand the images I’m concocting. They “feel right” but they seem to be a confused mixture of symbols. The children’s fantasy novel I’ve been working on sporadically for 17 years is a tangle of half-formed ideas about trees and time travel and the nature of power that’s been bogged down because I can’t work out what it’s spiritually about.

    Enter STARGATES, TIME TRAVEL AND ALTERNATE UNIVERSES. It was a revelation! As soon as I started to read about the meaning of “ets” (tree), I could see that what I thought was a tangle in what I was trying to write was actually several threads being woven together. I was deeply encouraged by STARGATES. More than that, I want to thank the author for daring to put his off-the-wall ideas on paper.

    Enough about me.

    The book itself is full of speculative ideas that stretch the limits of our understanding about the world around us, the nature of the universe, creation itself. The author is a bit too self-deprecating as he puts his way-out “thought experiments in the Hebrew language” (he doesn’t call them that but I was reminded of Einstein’s “thought experiments” from time to time) out in the public arena. The best of science shows itself in beautiful, elegant equations and I found myself sensing the same exquisite formulations of language behind the author’s explanations. On the surface, the ideas of stargates, portals, time travel and alternative universes might seem wild and wacky, but the possibility that these ideas have been right in front of us, since ancient times, staring out from the Hebrew text is very real.

  9. Linnea Sinclair Bernadino

    I haven’t run across many books that are deeply thought-provoking and yet fun to read. Bentorah’s STARGATES is just that. I’ve always felt that God, His worlds and His ways were far more multi-faceted than the human mind can grasp, and far less restrictive than many traditional religious books put forth. The translations of God’s words and events here are laced through with depth and meaning, and all resonated with me. Okay, yes. I’m a long-time published science fiction author. I’ll grant that perhaps my mind is more open to Bentorah’s expansion on traditional ideas. But I’ve shared his book with some of my bible study sisters–and none are fiction authors–and all have felt a resonance with the scenarios and also enjoyed Bentorah’s comfortable humor. I’d never be so brazen as to limit the God of the Universe by our current scientific knowledge. STARGATES enters into the vast and breathtaking existence that, to me, is inherent in Who our Magnificent God is. Shalom! Soli Deo Gloria!

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